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We sometimes trap and remove squirrels, and sometimes we exclude them from houses with one-way doors. Call us and we will describe our Nassau County squirrel removal methods to you.

Squirrel prevention - how to keep squirrels away from your house and yard - Squirrels might cause lots of troubles for the people, out of which, the most common one is their wish to reside inside buildings. Similar to other rodent family members, squirrels are great chewers and they usually chew the way to get inside your house or yard. Once they are inside, they might also chew on pipes or wires. You can often hear the running of squirrels on your ceiling or attic. They might mostly introduce nesting wreckage, and might also generate a fire danger by chewing the electrical wires present in your home or yard. They also chew the woodwork of your home. They are actually agile in nature. They will obstinately gnaw to get the right of entry to a building and they will never renounce when they really wish to go to any place or reach food. Prevention of squirrel is never an easy task. Most of the home owners desire to be familiar with the method to keep squirrels away from their house and yard.

Squirrels tend to be in love with small encircled areas such as your attic and other architectural openings. Mostly they get attracted towards places that are sources of food, and it is not that easy to stop them from visiting a place when they have actually made it a habit to visit.

The appropriate manner to carry out the squirrel prevention method is to discover all the holes and other places that are used by squirrels to gain the right of entry into your house and yard and then trap them and remove from your premises. Also, you need to seal all the entrances permanently. You must also ensure not to catch and let the mother squirrel alone on the outside, since there might be babies that might be left helpless. So you need to make sure that watch out for young ones, whenever you intend to catch trap squirrels.

It is again very significant to get to know the places using which squirrels can easily gain entry to your home or yard and seal them as soon as possible to prevent squirrels from entering and staying inside your house or yard. Never leave food outside your house. At times, squirrels get attracted by such food sources present on the outside which makes them to come on the inside to look for more.

There is in fact no great product that actually works to prevent Long Island squirrels from entering your home or yard. You need to avoid using repellants to get rid of the squirrels from your home or yard. If you really wish to keep the squirrels away, you must catch them inside a live trap and then remove them physically from your place. This particular process is in no way a good one for the novices or people who actually don’t know what to do in such conditions. So it is best recommended to get the help of professionals in the squirrel prevention work. Trained professionals will have enough knowledge and experience on how to prevent squirrels from coming inside your home or yard and also to trap them easily.

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