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THE CORN SNAKE: APPEARANCE, BIOLOGY, LIFE CYCLE, HABITAT, DIET, BEHAVIOR The Corn snakes (scientifically known as Pantherophis guttatus) are special species that are mostly found in the North America, Southeastern America and the United States. Their attractive and calm nature makes them very popular and loved by many people. It is important to know that corn snakes are harmless, but they are often times mistaken as venomous copperhead and then got killed as a result. They have these characteristics of simplicity, as they are reluctant to bite, calm, and have very attractive looks. These attributes make corn snake beneficial to humans. Below you will find more information about this wonderful snake specie.

The corn snakes are type of species that are unique in nature, they appear in different colors, and have a very attractive body better than the copperhead snakes. The adult snake measures from 61 to 182 centimeter in length and have brighter color, slender in look, and a humble nature. These attributes distinguished them from the normal copperhead snakes.

Corn snake belong to the class of Reptilia Chordata and are easy to breed. When it is time reproduce, they are normally put through a cooling period that can take 60 up to 90 days long. They tend to lay eggs in places with low sunlight and where they cannot be disturbed, and they usually breed immediately after the winter.

Corn snakes have amazing striking behavior that makes them suitable to keep in captivity as pets. They have this soft nature, calm temperament, and tolerant behavior that makes them easy to be taking care of. Most corn snakes enjoy burrowing and hiding, and this also make them accommodated in areas where will not be disturbed. Their subtle nature makes them mostly fed on pre-killed prey and those injured heavily.

Generally, Corn snakes prefer to live in overgrown fields, on tress, and forest. They are also sighted on places such as Flatwoods, abandoned buildings, and farmlands. Many a times, the adults tend to live above the ground level and can go as high as 6000 feet. However, seasons can also determine where they live. For example, they tend to hibernate during winter and they tend to shelter in rocks in most temperate climates. They hunt less during the winter, because all they care for is to feel the heat of the sun and get warmer.

Corn snakes are also carnivores, but they don’t each often as the normal copperhead snakes do. They eat mice, other reptiles, bird eggs, and amphibian’s class of animals.

Life cycle
Corn snakes have a very interesting life cycle, they can live 6 – 8 years in the wild; and can live up to 20 years when kept as pets at home.
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