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We sometimes trap and remove raccoons, and sometimes we exclude them from houses with one-way doors. Call us and we will describe our Nassau County raccoon removal methods to you.

What should I do if I find a nest of baby raccoons?
If you have found a nest of baby raccoons and have no clue whatsoever what to do with them, don’t freak out. We are here to help you and we believe you have landed at just the right place to get that sort of information. If you opt to read this article, before long you’ll be having a pretty good idea how to handle this situation. Here are some tips if you find yourself staring at a nest of baby raccoons:

Look out for the mom
Baby raccoons that still haven’t opened their eyes are just a little bit too young to survive in the absence of their mother. So you should be immediately on the lookout of the mother of baby raccoons. Raccoons do not tend to possess the habit of leaving their mother voluntarily until they have gained a weight of 0.5 lb. The mother could be dead or severely injured maybe due to some car accident or an attack by a predator. There is a chance of finding more babies that are still glued to the mother’s nipple which makes this whole step more crucial and important. Baby raccoons may still be engaged with the dead mother’s nipples thus resulting in absorption of toxins by the babies leading to babies’ poisoning.

Contact wildlife rehabilitator immediately
If your search for the mother of baby raccoons has not yielded much success, don’t waste time and contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately! Mothers of raccoons do NOT possess the habit of coming back for their lost babies. So, you are the babies’ only chance of survival.

Determine the age of baby raccoons
By knowing the age of the baby raccoon, you can decide whether they are going to survive on their own or not. If an raccoon has the weight of 0.5 lb. or more, then they are old enough for survival on their own. Best way for the determination of age is to contact a wildlife expert who will assist you in determining their age.

Keep them warm
In the case that you are not able to find their mother and are waiting for help, you should be making arrangements to keep them alive until they are old enough for survival on their own or until help arrives. Raccoons have a subnormal temperature and do not have the capability of surviving cold. They must be kept in a warm atmosphere until they are old enough or until they get some professional help.

Tips for transportation of baby raccoons
Find a small box such as an old cardboard box or shoebox. Punch hole in the sides for the purpose of letting air in and out. Place a soft cloth such as your old t-shirt at the inner bas of the box. Place the babies inside, put the lid above the box and secure it by a rubber band around the lid and box. Ensure extra precautions for keeping the babies warm.

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