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How to keep raccoons out of my Long Island garden

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that feed on most of your farm produce that is why it is important to keep them away from your garden. The raccoons mostly target the garden because it is an easy source of food. You will be able to keep raccoons out of your garden if you have the ability of identifying them. The first thing that you will note in the garden is that there will be a lot of holes. Raccoons love digging lawns and they will also mulch in piles because they love insects and if you have any bird feeder around then they will ensure that it is absolutely empty. The moment you identify all the holes, you have to come up with strategies and other techniques that will help you get rid of them before it is too late.

Tips for getting rid of raccoons: Building a fence around the garden, you have to ensure that the fence is well secured so that it can completely keep raccoons out of the garden. Manual fences are not that secure, therefore you will have an upper hand if you decide to use an electric fence. The fence should be deep enough to prevent the raccoons from digging under the fence and sneaking into your garden. Raccoons are very intelligent and they are likely to get past the fence into your garden so you will have to apply a more effective technique. You can opt for the live traps because they will definitely capture the raccoons. All you have to do is to set the traps where there are any slight openings into your garden. You have to use baits in order to speed up the process and always check the live trap from time to time. When the raccoon has been trapped, you can release the animal miles away from your garden so that they will not find their way back to your garden.

You can also raccoons away from your garden by sprinkling wood ash around your plants. They wood ash odor is always disgusting and it will prevent the raccoons from destroying your sweet plants. Blood meal is also a best option because it will definitely scare the raccoons away. You can put lights and loud noise in the garden; the lights are significant during the night because the rays from the lantern will scare the animals away and the loud noise will also prevent them from coming close to your garden. You have to get rid of any food sources that attract the animals towards your garden. The garbage can for instance has to be kept clean when it doesn’t have any garbage. If there is garbage then you have to ensure that it is well sealed with a tight lid.
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