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We sometimes trap and remove opossums, and sometimes we exclude them from houses with one-way doors. Call us and we will describe our Nassau County opossum removal methods to you.

Dear David, I really enjoyed your possum blog and pics and have a few questions if you don’t mind. How is a possum’s hearing and eyesight? Since they are often killed on the side of the road, I wondered if it is not only about the food they are after, but if they might not hear or see very well. Can they not feel the vibrations of oncoming traffic or do they not have a strong sense of fear? I guess I am trying to find out more about the possums “personality” as well as its senses. Would it live, for example, in an abandoned rabbit hole? I guess it would be too large to squeeze into a mole tunnel. Thank you for any help you can offer, believe it or not there is not a lot on the web about possums. You are the only possum “expert” I’ve found so far! Sincerely, DJ Brown

My response: Opossums have average hearing and eyesight, but they are slow and fairly unalert. They can live in a rabbit hole.
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