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Does a dead animal carcass cause flies?
A dead animal definitely cause flies. Flies have a very strong sense of smell, that they can smell a decaying body from a quarter mile away. They also play an important part in the decomposition stage of a dead body. Once flies discovered a dead body, their matured adults will lay eggs on the carcass. These eggs will then grow into maggots that will fast track the decomposition stage.

Flies in animal carcass
Flies that roam around and feed on animal carcasses are often the blowflies. They often look metallic, with feathery hairs on their terminal antennal segments for their males. An adult blowfly has a sponge-like mouth, the maggots, however, have hook-like mouths. Flies roam around a dead animal carcass several hours after their death, depending on their exposure. If the dead animal is located in a secured place, it will take a day or so before flies discover it.

Finding the dead animal before the flies
To avoid flies from coming and filling your whole house, it is better if you find the dead animal carcass as soon as possible. Finding the carcass is not that hard. Once you smell some stinky odor in your house, you must be warned that there might be a rotting animal somewhere in your place. Once you found the dead animal, remove it immediately and put it inside a garbage bag. When the animal is a small one, like a rodent or a bird, you can easily get rid of it before flies come over.

Getting rid of flies
Getting rid of a dead animal carcass won’t guarantee that all flies will be gone right away. There is a possibility that there are remaining maggots and worms swarming around the area where you found the dead animal. When you dispose of the dead animal, make sure that you also get rid of the worms sitting around. You can get rid of the larvae and worms by splashing water on the area and spraying some disinfectant on it. You can also spray air deodorizer to refresh the air in the area and within the house. You can also leave the windows and doors open for a couple of hours to let the fresh air in. If the air was not refreshed or the area is totally cleaned up, the bad odor will not go away even if you had the animal got rid of.
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