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How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of My Garden

Many types of wild Nassau County animals are not scared of humans and will freely wander onto their properties and into their homes if possible. This interaction between wildlife and humans can cause some conflicts, especially if the animals cause damage to property. Do you have a garden with fruit bearing trees, nuts, vegetables and others and are having a serious wild animal infestation? Are you looking for the easier way to rid your garden of all kinds of wild animals? No need to search any further as you will learn all you need to know through this article. It is not always easy to keep some wild animals away from the garden as most of them find things there so delicious, which will make them feel stubborn and adamant about staying in a New York garden. So here are some tricks to keep wild animals out of your garden.

Using the Fencing Method to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Garden
It can be difficult dealing with a Nassau County wild animal infestation in the garden. Some animals in the garden are not there for your crops or vegetables but are just there to burrow the lawn in search of insects. So for you to keep such a wild animal from your garden you have to apply the fencing method. Fence the garden with wire mesh and ensure you bury it several inches beneath the ground. That will help to prevent them from burrowing in the ground to bypass the fence.

Make Use of Predator Urine to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Garden
Almost all wild animals have predators they are not comfortable staying in the same place with. For that reason, if you know the particular wild animal species that is giving you a headache in the garden, you can scare the New York animal with predator urine. The popularly used predator urine is fox urine as most wild animals are scared of foxes. Spraying the urine around your garden can make wild animals move to other place to avoid being hurt by a fox.

Make Use of the Trapping Method to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Garden
You can make use of the trapping method with either a lethal trap or a humane trap. But make sure you check the legislation on trapping in your local Nassau County area before going ahead and making use of the method. Trapping the animal can result in another problem, which will be what to do with the wild animal after you trap it. You can handle that easily if wild animal relocation is legal in your state or region.

Make Use of Commercial Wildlife Repellent
There are many commercially advertised wild animal repellents which you can use to repel different kinds of wild animals. But the truth is that most of the commercial wildlife repellents do not really work as explained by the marketers. More so, some of the repellents are just a hype and do not discourage wild New York animals from eating things in the garden. But you can go ahead and try any of the repellents to see whether it can solve your problem.

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