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Do Wild Animals Have Emotions?

We may wonder at times if animals ever exhibit emotions like us humans. Can they feel different kinds of emotions at certain points in time although we may not obviously notice how they are able to express themselves? We certainly like to think of our pets as having emotions, and we can see certain signs of their emotional sides because we are with them so often. But do Nassau County animals in the wild have similar emotional experiences. Let’s talk more about this.

Animals Do Feel Empathy
Award-winning environmental author Carl Safiha emphasized that New York animals do feel empathy in his book Beyond Words: How Animals Think and Feel. He also reiterated that it is essential for us humans to recognize this consciousness in animals and how recent ground-breaking discoveries about the brain can connect us humans to the animal kingdom.

Consciousness of Animals
Animals like human beings also possess thought processes, can experience varied emotions and also develop social relationships among their species as well as other Nassau County animals. Animal behaviorists don’t deny the presence of animal consciousness. This can be proved when animal trainers “connect” with their pets as well as those working in zoos and animal rescue centers. Charles Darwin was one of the first to write about animal consciousness, but we still have more to discover about the inner lives of animals.

Behavior of Wild Animals
It’s important for us to observe the behavior of animals for we can learn so much about them and their “personalities”.
• We always relate Nassau County animal behavior to romantic feelings like when an elephant mourns over a dead family member or another one of its own species. They are also reported to really hold or even smell the cold bones. This is aptly called the “mourning behavior” and showcases that elephants have superior intelligence.
• Baboons also exhibit this mourning behavior when they have dead babies and carry them all around for days.

A Lion’s Pride
You can notice when a male lion connects with his cubs, and it is quite an interesting sight to behold. Observing attentively, we can discover varied emotions showcased in their different facial expressions as they get close or play with their “father lion”.

When Animals Celebrate Nature
Like humans, wild animals also show their appreciation for nature in subtle ways such as a flock of animals like antelopes running around with such energy and gusto after the downpour of rain. A lion also has some sort of “attachment” to the sunset as do baboons as it slows them down to quietly marvel at its grandiosity. There are many ways we can say that animals show emotion every now and then. It has been said that the emotions being expressed by Nassau County animals are “subjective feelings”. Some skeptics may shun the idea due to some inconsistencies in some research as it is regarded as a complicated area. We actually share a lot of different emotions and behaviors with animals not just emotionally but also neuro-chemically and cognitively.

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